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sugar cane field, Maui, HI

My fav pic of me. It makes me feel like a National Geographic Photographer! Dream job! I was standing up, out of the top of a jeep, at sunrise, with my mom, watching the morning mist in the middle of the sugar cane fields in Maui. 

    Speaking out publicly  about being sexually abused, opened a floodgate in me. You can view the interviews here & here. It was truly a pivotal moment in my healing. Just to be clear, I am not afiliated with a political party. Abuse is NOT political. I am a Woman who has endured, survived and is now thriving, despite devistating emotional and sexual abuse from men (yes plural) from all parties and walks of life and I had kept my mouth shut for years about it. 

    After I spoke out, I was amazed at the sheer number of women who began to open up and begin speaking out, I couldnt believe that we shared so much silent abuse and trauma. How did we get to a place where silent suffering is the norm? Pretending that we are okay, smiling and ignoring the pain. Laughing it off. Making excuses for our abusers. WTF! No more. 


Speak out

     Women! Our work is seeminly never done. Now is our time.  Our turn in the now, to open up about domestic violence, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. Again. It is our responsibility to future generations to handle this within ourselves and not pass it down to the next generation. The healing starts with you!
  I am proud to be a part of a group of brave women who spurred the #metoo era of speaking our dark truths, releasing shame and healing our hearts.
    If you are on this path, you are here for the higher work of supporting the re-balancing and up-grading of our existance.  If you need the support of a group of like minded women, you can find us here at

"Open your mouth, Speak your truth, let your words live outside of your body, let your words flow out to guide & heal." ~Kristin



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